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A business plan is an essential part of starting any new business venture.  Studies show that those who take the time and effort necessary to go through the business plan process are 2-1/2 times more likely to actually pursue and start that business. The business plan process helps remove any fear of the unknown that may be standing in the way of pursuing your dream.

Starting a business without a plan is much like building a structure without a blueprint. Without a thorough business plan, you simply leave too many things to chance and you have no road map to follow to determine if your business is operating as anticipated.


A comprehensive business plan is generally required to secure funding at the start-up phase or for expansion, but it is also necessary for a number of other operational reasons.


A business plan helps you anticipate your start-up costs, operating expenses, break-even point, cash flow projections, profit and loss forecasts and how your bottom line will be affected if you decide to expand your business.  It also helps you evaluate the market and any existing competitors.


BetterBiz Consulting can put a plan together that will clearly and concisely communicate your vision, help you plan for growth and obtain the necessary funding to make your business objectives a reality.

Investor-Ready Plans:  $2,500 - $5,000 (average)

(Prices vary based upon the amount of information provided by the client, the amount of

research necessary and any special client requests.)

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